Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Am Quite Happy -- To Say I Told You So...

I'll not dwell on it, in any detail this morning -- other than to say (as I have repeatedly, before) it is good for America. . . and ordinary Americans. And it holds true in Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Per The Washington Post this morning (subs. req.):

. . . .Lawmakers in deep-red Kansas voted to extend the government health program [Medicaid expansion] to more of the state’s poor residents. The move could be the start of a larger shift nationally as states grapple with the fallout of last week’s failure to even start the wheels in motion to replace the Affordable Care Act. . . .

Yes, and as that 2016 graphic implies, I think Medicaid expansion will now roll onward -- into expansion -- across even reliably red state-houses. The need is just too patently evident -- comparing states with it, to states without it (on any number of public health dimensions).

So Speaker Ryan, and 45 will in effect achieve. . . exactly the opposite of what each ran on as campaign platforms, in 2016.

Hilarious -- but it does mean that more people of limited means will see at least some level of basic health coverage. So I am beaming, now. . . . as some voices, deep inside the GOP, begin to call for a nearly-single payer system -- thus, HRC's legacy may emerge, without her ever holding the high office. Sweetly, and sublimely. . . ironic, that.


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