Saturday, February 4, 2017

"In a courtroom, it is not the loudest voice that's the Constitution."

Those (above) are the wise and fair words uttered today, by the State Of Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson.

Earlier tonight Judge Robart issued his nation-wide TRO memorandum order, and earlier in the day, Judge Brinkema had done much the same, in the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge Robart wrote this bit, but do go read it all.

. . . ."The court concludes that the circumstances brought before it today are such that it must intervene to fulfill its constitutional role in our tripartite government. . . ."

These are -- fairly obviously -- historic moments. The trial courts are ruling on some questions of first impression, largely because no prior sitting President has tried so brazenly to wipe away a duly-enacted Congressional scheme (in force, continuously now -- since 1965) acting alone, with the mere stroke of a pen. No Congressional input. No law. No enactment. These are moments where Mr. Trump's pugnacious character will only serve. . . to undo his ends.

Mr. Trump tonight called the judges' rulings (against his executive order) "outrageous" -- but then later retracted that hyperbole.

45 now says the DoJ will file motions to reconsider. My. reaction? Good luck with that. Federal judges appointed by George Bush and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama -- are all ruling against him here, in unison -- and all on Constitutional grounds. These are not political opinions, they are defenses of our Constitutional order. Do stay tuned. A civics lesson is unfolding here, in real time.


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