Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In Over 15 Solid Years... Never Ever Seen This Before. Odd.

I am resisting the temptation to blame it on the man at lower right. He is speaking tonight, after all. (/snark)

More seriously, I can personally verify that the SEC's EDGAR database is essentially "always up" -- every day since 1996.

Pretty reliably since 1984 -- but certainly rock solid since 1996. . .

Whatssup with that?

As I am boxed out -- I think I'll take a long lunch at the Art Institute. . . and gaze a while. . . smile.

Updated @ 4:20 PM EST: it seems that Amazon's cloud based storage system may be the likely culprit. [Which makes me wonder -- why is a federal government financial transparency database/web-site -- upon which Wall Street must rely, for accurate quotes -- available only through... Amazon servers? Puzzling indeed.]

Now that the SEC EDGAR database is back online (whew!), you may review Kenilworth's just filed SEC Form 10-K, tonight. I may make mention of a few things hiding in the thicket of information there, tomorrow. Until then, all -- travel well, but do travel light. . . . [With a link to the sublime work referenced in the above masthead, this night.]



Anonymous said...

off topic but related to previous items on the blog....including NASA and the recent movie:


too cute

condor said...

This is. . . excellent! Thank you!

I am loving it!

Will revise the masthead, momentarily.

Spot on!