Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today's Status Update On Patents Spat With Gilead -- On Sofosbuvir -- In Delaware Federal District Court...

mrk-alt-gil-verdict-hep-c-12-15-16 So, with the below status update, we should expect to see the court's formal judgment entered very shortly here. [My backgrounder from earlier this week, may be found here; and a more general backrounder is here.]

This is the operative bit of today's status report from the parties:

. . . .The parties have finalized a covenant not to sue related to the ’054 patent. Attached as Exhibit A is the fully executed covenant not to sue. The parties respectfully request that the Court enter judgment in the form the part ies previously submitted (D.I. 520-1). . . .

Thus, there will be no claims of infringement filed by Merck in the federal courts of the United States, under the Merck/Idenix '054 Patent, against Gilead. Now you know. Onward.


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