Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Recurring Tangent: Will This Soften The U.K. Brexit Measures, And Delay Them (Some More)?

It has been quite a while since we mentioned the Brexit issues, here. [But we have been keeping a weather-eye on them, to be sure -- for our EU and UK clients.]

This is but one additional step. Yet, as we expected though -- the larger narrative is that the timelines continue to stretch outward, and the terms continue to look more like negotiating ordinary international trade treaties, and less like a radical, abrupt. . . unplugging. We shall, as ever, see. Here is the latest, from Bloomberg overnight, and a bit:

. . . .The legislation will have to go through five stages in each of the two chambers of Parliament, where supporters of leaving the EU are in the minority. Although it’s possible to pass emergency legislation in as little as a day, it is rare and the process can take months. There are votes at each stage, and lots of opportunities for dissenters to propose amendments. Both houses must agree on the wording of the final law. . . .

With the UK's highest court ruling that a vote of Parliament is required, the chances of riders and softeners grows with each passing day. This is so, because pro-Brexit forces are in the minority in both chambers. And all of that makes me. . . smile, too.


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