Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Perhaps A Small Point -- In The Grand Scheme Of Things... But Infuriating. And Demeaning.

In what promises to be a game-show like atmosphere, 45 summoned his two beauty pageant finalists for nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States -- to DC, earlier this morning.

He's done so, in order to reveal -- on live network television, tonight -- that only one has "won" the game of "Name That Tune". [Of course the tune both must sing is a Muslim-banning, wall-building, climate-science denying, and likely anti-abortion refrain, without the slightest deviation. In short, 45 seeks an ideologue.] Per the New York Times:

. . . .The two judges, Neil M. Gorsuch and Thomas M. Hardiman, are traveling to Washington this afternoon, the report said. The move is highly unusual for Washington, where Supreme Court announcements are treated with solemn gravity. But it is very familiar for Mr. Trump, who was the original star of the reality television show “The Apprentice” and who used to produce beauty pageants. . . .

I actually think it is good that the network media will oblige -- and give 45 his TV beauty pageant show, tonight. The whole affair will thus tend to be self-deflating.

BOTH of the (otherwise quite able) jurists participating should be bright pink -- with embarrassment, when the camera cuts away to a close up, of the winner's armful of fresh roses, and the eventual tiara placement. Certainly the runner-up will be bright pink.

The Court nominee is going to garner only as much respect as 45 accords him -- and so the logical suggestion is that his newly proposed member will be scorned by him (just as he personally did, his Latina pageant winner, a decade ago) -- in no small part, for the "bread and circuses" mode of this theatrical selection. And that is probably a good thing, as it will energize the loyal resistance, anew.

Me? I'll leave my TV off entirely tonight -- I'll read about it in the paper tomorrow. No ratings for the Trump-show. I'll watch a re-run of "The Mummy" on Netflix by laptop. . . "Take that, Bembrigde Scholars!" Smile. . . .



Anonymous said...

I watched it and it was EXACTLY like a beauty pageant. For the Supreme Court. God help us all.

Condor said...

CondorJanuary 31, 2017 at 10:51 PM
Ahem. Shame on you! Don't give him ratings! (Just kidding...) Yet I am certain that the Bembridge Scholars are spinning in their graves... just ask Evie...

More seriously, shame on him, for demeaning the process -- and it is unfortunate that the nominees (both sitting federal appellate jurists) allowed him to use them as... game show props.

But as I say, there are bigger chunks of Cheeto-witchery to combat: the Commonwealth of Virgina itself has moved to intervene in the federal TRO proceedings against his Muslim Ban. The State's Attorney in Virginia aims to have his Muslim Ban declared unconstitutional on its face.

Here's to hoping!