Friday, January 6, 2017

A Very Cool (IBM Sponsored) AR iPhone App -- "Out-Think Hidden": Free Downloadable!

I am keenly aware that much of the Middle-South is struggling with a freakish winter storm tonight, but if it is safe to do so, I highly encourage you to get out and see "Hidden Figures" -- it opened nationwide, today.

If you have youngsters about, I encourage you to download the free "Outthink Hidden" App from Google Play or the App Store. Then, as I did out my office window this afternoon, at right, you can render 3-D statues of the heroes of NASA's early "S.T.E.M. on Fleek" programs -- any place you tape up the little OCR code blocks -- and hear, read and watch all about them, while connecting their pioneering work, to that of space science more generally. IBM and its diversity initiatives are to be credited for this tie in. [There! Now there's something you can do, without ever leaving the warmth of home and hearth, this weekend. Smile. . . .]

Additionally, and non-trivially, while binge-watching the NBC series called "Timeless" -- I saw a generally very strong Season One episode (called "Space Race") featuring none other than Katherine Johnson, as the mathematics hero -- yet again. In this one (in an alternate 1969) she is needed to save Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong, from disaster on the Moon's surface. Do watch it on demand under that link -- when you have a chance.

But most of all -- please encourage all your youngsters, boys and girls, black, brown, yellow and white -- to become interested in the sciences. They will dream up, and then create, the futures we can't even imagine tonight. We need them. We need them all. With gratitude, I wish you safe and light travels then this weekend. I'm out!


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