Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merck And Gilead Are Picking A Potentially Multi-Billion-Dollar Patent Jury Right Now, In Delaware Federal District Court...

With final pre-trial motions disposed of as of late yesterday -- this morning, Gilead's lawyers and Kenilworth's lawyers. . . should begin jury selection now.

While this trial is now not going to be bifurcated -- and while it holds the potential for a high-tens of billions of dollars, in patent infringement damages. . . I strongly suspect that result will not ultimately occur.

We will keep you apprised, as ever, just the same. This trial at least seeks the biggest patent damage award ever alleged in United States history -- by quite a wide margin. It is likely to run through the 15th, according to the court calendar.

Now you know -- and with the sound of one single voice. . . all is well with the Universe once more. . . smiling ear to ear, as I walk in. . . .


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