Saturday, December 17, 2016

Martin Shkreli Update: It was exactly one year ago, this morning, he was perp-walked... "He. Just. Can't. Help. Himself."

Take a look (at the posts, on another property of mine). If you've ever played organized competitive sports, you understand the idea (the coach's idea, really) of using what the other guy/other team is saying -- as strong motivation.

Trash talking. Talkin' junk. That's what this is.

Me? I'd personally bet that the able AUSAs in Brooklyn have a small (but now-crowded) cork-board -- in one of their offices/ conference rooms -- and it has paper copies of tweets like this one plastered all over it.

There is no shortage of them, in truth -- stretching back over a year, today. But Mr. Brafman had warned Mr. Shkreli, in front of the press, last summer -- to knock this nonsense off. But that one was tweeted last night. I suspect the one-year anniversary of the perp-walk has him addled.

Stupid. Now it ALL serves as a "motivation folder" -- for the AUSAs.

And, perhaps more importantly, when it comes time for his eventual sentencing hearings, tweets like these will be offered by the AUSAs, to the judge -- as evidence that Mr. Shkreli regards the federal criminal statutes as some sort of video game. Just a minor maze to beat -- to run through -- in the allotted time.

Such outbursts are likely to lengthen his eventual sentence. Not very smart.

Now you know. Off to steam and sauna -- after an early shoveling morning, and a workout. Then a boys' night, at "Rogue One". . . Smile.


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