Friday, December 2, 2016

Just As I Said It Would -- UK Single-Payer Now Covers Pembrolizumab For Lung -- After Sharper Pencil Price Negotiations

I won't unduly belabor the point, but this is increasingly the new multi-national model for new drug pricing (Keytruda® pricing being a rather pointed example): often rather steep discounts from US list prices.

Even as to truly revolutionary treatments, the world's governmental-affiliated payers will increasingly seek -- and win -- price concessions from big pharma. And Mr. Frazier is (smartly, I think, given the incoming Administration is also likely to target drug pricing) talking peace, on price increases, more generally.

Here is the overnight item -- you may read it for yourself. But it was all easily predictable, back from June to October 2016.




Anonymous said...

This is a good deal for both the NHS and MRK. More importantly, it means patients in need in the UK will have access to Keytruda for NSCLC, which they do not for Opdivo.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to note that MRK needed to demonstrate cost effectiveness per NICE in order to achieve reimbursement. As NICE is the most influential HTA authority globally this decision will have ripple effects around the world.