Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Cold" Plasmas -- As Wound Care Agents: More Space Tech Reaches Earthly Development Stage...

Okay -- french fries are a guilty pleasure of mine (and someone else I know). And so, better french fries -- made so, by ESA-led space science -- well, that's a quiet snowy Sunday night perfecta. And it's a trifecta, when it all derives from. . . a medical application -- in this case -- wound care. Hilarious -- and prodigious!

From the ESA release, then -- a concluding bit:

. . . .Terraplasma continues to look at and develop new terrestrial applications using the cold plasma results from space. Together with German medical company Dynamify, it has formed Terraplasma Medical at ESA’s Bavarian incubator to develop systems for treating chronic and acute wounds and skin diseases. . . .

Now you know -- and whenever piping hot french fries (even minus the ice cold coke, and lots of ketchup and salt!) make it into the same article as a nascent med device -- you KNOW I am grinning. Ear to ear. . . g'night, one and all. . . g'night -- to all of good will.



Anonymous said...

French Fries?

What about other news? The 19th Century Snake Oil act is poised to be passed today. This 996 page piece of crony capitalism will eliminate the need for proving drugs work. Instead the FDA will openly be able to approve drugs based on anecdotal evidence. I urge you to take a look at what Sen. Warren had to say.

The big issue that I have with this is that's not just Republicans as she's saying it's Democrats too who are in bed with Pharma.

If you trust the FDA with anecdotal evidence take a look at this article that shows what the FDA did with the Regulations (The Animal Rule) that the FDA wrote (not congress) to approve drugs based on animal data alone.

This article is about the first approval under the animal rule of use of a reversible nerve agent to protect soldiers from death from an irreversible nerve agents. Something that is clearly impossible and based on the claimed mechanism which is required to justify an approval under the animal rule instead indicates that pyridostigmine can only result increased toxicity and increased death of soldiers exposed to nerve agents. This point is buried in the article but I've cut and pasted here.

"PB and soman both act on an enzyme that controls an important neurotransmitter responsible for crucial muscle activity, such as respiration. PB temporarily blocks this enzyme, but soman blocks it irreversibly, causing death. With other nerve agents, this type of chemical change may take hours, but with soman, it can occur within minutes, making it difficult to administer antidotes in time, especially in a war zone. Researchers theorize that, by taking PB before exposure, some of the enzyme would be blocked by PB and protected from soman, and then returned to the body after the PB wears off, giving soldiers treated with antidotes a better chance of survival.

However, Kavanagh says there's one glaring problem with this theory. PB has a half-life of about three hours. Soman kills within minutes. Taking PB before soman exposure would only increase the amount of enzyme compromised in the body, and the victim would likely die before the PB wears off and releases life-saving enzymes protected from soman.

"Soldiers who previously would have received a sub-lethal dose and would have survived with evacuation and treatment would now die immediately due to the additive toxicity, and soldiers who would have not needed to be evacuated would now need to be evacuated in order to receive treatment," Kavanagh explained. "The increased numbers of wounded soldiers might thereby overwhelm the ability to evacuate and the ability to treat them, resulting in even more deaths.""

Without being a lawyer, it seems to me that this should be considered criminal.

condor said...

Okay Anon. --

Thanks for this. I'll get to it shortly... as I'm waiting to see where more of the 45th's agenda settles out... but this is very troublesome indeed.