Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well. That Was... Surprising. And Unfortunate....

I am surprised; my guesses -- based on pretty high quality polling -- were completely. . . wrong. I am sorry.

It is now an open question -- to relate the overnight news, to the topics this blog covers -- as to whether there will be a renewed effort to repeal all the health care coverage expansion embedded in Obamacare.

Should that change in the law come to pass next year, most United States patients will see decreasing options for quality care, at reasonable price points. Most life science companies will face daunting prospects -- as to how they will be able to profitably serve their markets, while still trying to save as many lives as possible.

The coming days may be filled with adversity -- on many fronts. But we will continue -- regardless. [We all bear some responsibility for his rise; so I suppose we as a nation get about the level of government we. . . deserve, here.]

Silence here (likely until late on next Monday night) does not reflect hurried real estate shopping, in the south of France. No, it reflects only a long-scheduled M&A deal trip -- for a client that will have me squirreled away in a series of conference rooms, and labs -- nothing more.

That said, I do apologize to the readership, for getting such an important question so miserably. . . wrong. If this be the will of the people, I will respect that -- and yet I will seek renewed changes -- by all lawful means.


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