Thursday, November 24, 2016

Martin Shkreli's Truly Odd-Ball Claim, To Hedge Fund Documents Held By Katten...

There is more on this, at the satellite blog, but in the eight count felony indictment criminal case pending in Brooklyn's federal District Courthouse, Mr. Shkreli's defense counsel had previously waived all privilege, as to all Katten-generated documents.

Now, his lawyers are claiming he personally owns some or all of the hedge fund documents Katten now holds. And he wants to assert that ownership -- to keep the government from seeing them.

Okay -- uh-huh. But the government's case clearly includes his personal conduct at those hedge funds.

And he's waived his Katten privilege. [A puzzled, quizzical look floats across my face. . . .]

So it would be strange indeed, if the able Judge Matsumoto were to rule that the government cannot see unprivileged documents preserved by Katten, related to these matters, given that a lawful subpoena exists, and has been served -- for all of his documents. I can't imagine what the defense is thinking. Nutty.

Now, go be immensely wonderful to one another. . . time to feast, here. . . smile. . . . .


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