Tuesday, October 11, 2016

USDC ND CA -- Post Trial Briefing Schedule Extended: Gilead Vs. Merck -- On Amount Of Legal Fees & Expenses Merck Will Have To pay To Gilead

We have long covered this portion of the bi-coastal US patent fights between Merck and Gilead -- over the effects of some basic Merck Hep C sofosbivur patents -- and the purported need for Gilead to license those patents, and pay a royalty to Kenilworth -- in order to be able to sell Sovaldi® and Harvoni®, in the US.

The post trial briefing on how much of Gilead's legal fees Merck will be ordred to pay has been stretched a bit -- in an order just entered in San Jose, California -- thus:

. . . .Oct. 14, 2016 | Oct. 28, 2016 | Gilead files opening brief regarding amount of fees award

Nov. 4, 2016 | Nov. 18, 2016 | Merck files opposition brief regarding amount of fees award

Nov. 18, 2016 | Dec. 2, 2016 | Gilead files reply brief regarding amount of fees award. . . .

And. . . Go Cubs GO -- close out the Giants!


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