Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In A Move First Announced In July 2010, Merck Now Closes Its Miami Lakes Manufacturing Facility

Several media outlets are reporting the loss of 112 jobs at Miami Lakes -- here at the lunch-hour. I never relish mentioning these matters, out of genuine empathy for the families involved.

However in this case, as we first reported in July 2010, this closure has been on Merck's docket for more than six full years. At least two employees will remain into 2017, to facilitate clean up -- and final closure. Here is the bit:

. . . .Merck will begin laying off employees at its Miami Lakes plant on Nov. 15, with the rest expected to separate from the company Dec. 16. Two employees will remain at the plant for "closure activities" until mid-2017. The employees have no bumping rights and are not represented by a union. . . .

In a very-minor "silver linings" story -- this is nearly the last of the legacy Schering-Plough layoff/clean-up actions. Thanks again, old "Fast" Fred Hassan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families involved. [Editor's Nota Bene: Blogging, and news coverage, may be slightly sporatic until at least mid-next week, with an important transaction pending closure in my shop -- and a looming trip to Kentucky for an Iron Man, over the long weekend. Just fair warning. Smile.]


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