Thursday, October 13, 2016

FLOTUS Michelle Obama Just Closed Out -- On Donald Trump. He's A Pig. And He's... Toast.

Her voice clearly quaking with rage -- she has just buried Donald Trump, alive. She is truly the preeminent closer on the planet. Do watch all three minutes below.

I may not frequent these parts much, any longer -- so this will serve as a final mile-marker, in how I see the race.

Good riddance, Donald Trump. So many people could learn so much, if they could just listen. . . listen to her.



Anonymous said...

She was (is) awesome. When will she run for office. We need more women like her in the Congress.

condor said...

Oh I wish she would, Anon. -- she would be a stellar steward of our democracy.

Unfortunately for all of us -- I think these eight years have left her feeling what the hard right put her husband through... makes elected office just. not. worth. it.

She has repeatedly said as much.

But I for one am thankful that she has answered, with fire, on behalf of HRC.

Trumpanzees must be taught their manners -- for Trump will never change. He's a fully matured sociopath. But some of his younger followers may yet see the error of their ways.