Friday, September 9, 2016

Chairman & CEO Frazier To Present At Morgan Stanley Confab in NYC Monday: Immuno Oncology Likely Focus

Just a quick little squib here: As it does every year at this time, Kenilworth's top brass takes the choo-choo ride into Manhattan -- to discuss its prospects, at this global healthcare investors' gathering.

[Historical side note: Here is a bad old April 2008 era link, to when these conferences were far more um. . . colorful, and surprising -- in all sorts of dubious ways. That is, back when "Fast" Fred Hassan would adopt a preposterous non-disclosure posture -- one that directly contradicted what his 50-50 venture partner, at old Merck, had just said days before, about the very same 50-50 cholesterol management joint venture, even though the venture was then 55 per cent of all of legacy Schering-Plough's profitability.] Where was I? Oh. Right.

If you want to listen in to the web-cast, you'll need to sign in through this link on Merck's investor relations page. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'll listen in -- so you won't need to. If we learn anything really radically new, I'll summarize that late Monday afternoon. Here are the timing details (for those of you keeping score at home):

. . . .Kenneth C. Frazier, chairman and chief executive officer, and Dr. Roger M. Perlmutter, president, Merck Research Laboratories, are scheduled to participate at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference in New York on Sept. 12, 2016 at 1:05 p.m. EDT. Investors, analysts, members of the media and the general public are invited to listen to a live audio webcast of the presentation. . . .

Busy weekend ahead here -- to and from various geographically-disparate college campus events. . . but all joy-infused, just the same. . . .


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