Monday, September 19, 2016

A Small Word Of Encouragement -- To The Middle Division's Young Scientists, At Berkeley Prep -- In Tampa, FL...

I used to see these sorts of "educational" traffic spikes, more often around five years ago -- but this will be the first time I've publically remarked on them.

I am doing so, solely to encourage all the young government studies students, and budding pharmaceutical scientists out there, researching for credible blog information on drugs and biologics policies, to keep at it.

The assignment (as your web site materials suggest) is to find blogs that seem unbiased, reliable and documented by research. We hope we fit the bill, on those scores. Smile.

So, here is to all of you -- not just in Tampa, but nationwide -- and in fact world-wide: you young women and men, you who will lead us all into the future -- use your time in class, and out of it, wisely -- make great friends, and make a difference in your communities. Know that we here are rooting for you, to be even more adept scientists, and policy makers, than those out practicing today. Thanks for visiting, and now go do well, in writing up the results of your research. We are proud of you.


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