Tuesday, August 23, 2016

O/T -- A Wide Smile: 25 Years Ago This Morning, A Preposterously Generous Open Invitation Was Offered...

On this day in 1991, Internaut Day No. 1: August 23, 1991 -- Tim Berners-Lee, later Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee -- first opened what he came to call the world wide web. . . to, well. . . the world. For free.

What an audacious gift of benevolence that was.

He opened it to new users -- all of us, that is. All that appears here, for good or ill, is a result of his original largesse.

So, Happy 25th Anniversary, to you -- oh venerable "www"! It is now hard to imagine (for most of us), how we ever got along without you. Here's to hoping we will never have to.

And as peculiar as it may sound, many -- if not most -- of the people I have come to love dearly, are and remain deeply connected to me through (and at least in part, because of) this astonishing innovation.

Yet it is by voice and by sight and by deed that those bonds remain strong. So, I say thank you, Sir Berners-Lee!

Onward. Ever. . . onward.

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