Sunday, August 28, 2016

Off Topic: Now Only About One Month Until "Hamilton" Makes It To The City Of Big Shoulders...

I just narrowly-missed seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda (imaged at right) -- by five days -- at the Rodgers Theater in Hell's Kitchen, a month or so ago. Damnation.

But I positively will not miss it, here -- where the sublime show will first stop, as it tours the nation.

For a bit of excellent Sunday fare, watch the below 13 minute YouTube.

Simply jaw-slacking -- do go out and enjoy all the Universe offers, people -- go out and explore: your cities, your national and municipal parks, your bayous, your wilderness areas -- and yes, explore our shared history. The improbable story that is. . . America. We are all immigrants here.

And in on a decidely more somber note -- keep the sacrifice made by 14 year old Emmit Till, 61 years ago this night, in your meditations and prayers. His murder help spark the civil rights movement.


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