Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Catfished"?! -- Martin Shkreli Was Invited To Speak In Palo Alto On Pharma Deal-Doing -- By A Major Law Firm. No Longer.

All of this (below) transpired in a little over 30 elapsed hours. As it unfolded of course, we had graphics -- so I've put up four three small version images -- click each to enlarge for full effect. [For now, we will call this whole story our Exclusive -- thanks to PathoPhilia.]

It seems a prominent law firm has asked the CEO of Savant HWP, and an affiliate of Savant Neglected Diseases, to speak on a panel -- about the deal he worked on, to secure an FDA approval for his firm's Chagas candidate (and, it is STILL hoped, secure a coveted PRV, worth potentially hundreds of millions of dollars). [The major law firm hosting the conference had represented Savant in the KaloBios bankruptcy -- as it turns out.]

Next, it seems someone (unknown) also asked Martin Shkreli to describe his side of the deal, and observations on the KaloBios bankruptcy -- a bankruptcy that was filed shortly after his arrest, last December. [The odd part of that is Mr. Shkreli (according to at least some public record documents) didn't even have a binding commitment to do the deal, with Savant, by the time of his arrest.] That part of the story unfolded some time on Monday night, with a BusinessWire newswire press release included.

By this afternoon, all references to the appearance of Mr. Shkreli -- at that confab -- had been scrubbed.

However, Mr. Shkreli's Twitter feed still recites that he is seeking permission from the US District Court, in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) -- essentially for relief from his bail conditions -- to travel to Palo Alto to speak at the Dorsey & Whitney conference.

Problem is, he's no longer speaking. Was he "catfished"? That is, did they (or someone else) prank him? Or, did the equity partners at D&W (after a moment's reflection) vote to "uninvite" him?

Or. . . did his criminal defense lawyer put the brakes on it, when he got wind of the travel request? We will likely never know.

But what a ride it was, over on the KaloBios Reviewed site, during the last two days -- head there for all the blow by blow -- with a sincere hat tip to PathoPhilia, for all the leads -- and the reporting. Now you know.

In other circumstances, I might feel some pity for someone invited to the big Homecoming dance, only to be then left sitting on his doorstep. Tux on; boutonniere already pinned to his lapel. . . .

But not in these circumstances.

To quote an internet meme, of ten years passed, then: "BOOM goes the Dyn-O-Mite"!

Sleep well now, all you science majors, brimming with good will -- this clearly doesn't apply to you. Just the one.

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