Tuesday, August 30, 2016

49 Years Ago This Morning -- Justice Thurgood Marshall; And A Forecast For Non-Existent Blogging -- Holiday Week

With scads of family arriving just a lil' (unexpectedly, but happily) early -- for the upcoming long holiday weekend, we will likely fall as silent as the luminous shafts of half-light in the mountain canyons of my youth, at dawn... until at least next Tuesday -- unless something truly Earth-shattering, and cut throat trout red rises, to take my line -- out of Kenilworth.

So -- to tide us through the next seven days, let us remember that some 23 years after a young Thurgood Marshall argued and won a landmark desegregation ruling in front of the highest court in the land (which we likely all studied in middle school) called Brown v. Board of Education -- he was sworn in as a Justice of that same Supreme Court. In that sense, the fly became the master fly-fisherman. [And so, "eventually, all things merge into one -- and a river runs through it -- I am (uniformly joyously) haunted by waters. . . .]

. . . .Thurgood Marshall was born Thoroughgood Marshall on June 2, 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland. Tired of having his friends poke fun at his first name, he decided to try to improve the situation and, at the age of six, legally changed it to Thurgood. . . .

So it was, 49 years ago, this morning. [Something else pretty amazing happened just exactly four years ago, next month -- but more on that, another day.] Go now, travel well; but travel light -- and be excellent to one another. I'm mostly out -- but grinning, with Cubs tickets in hand for this fine evening. . . .


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