Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trivial Footnotes Alert -- But I Simply Cannot Resist This One...

I really can't stop laughing, about this -- his blind spot is the size of. . . Pakistan. That's big.

Mr. Hassan recently told an interviewer of the adversity he faced, growing up. [His ears must have been (virtually) burning, given that I haven't typed his name in quite a while here, prior to Sunday night -- in comments.]

This very morning, in a goofy non-story, in the capitalists' paper of record, the Wall Street Journal -- we read of Mr. Hassan's "difficult" first job -- in 1965.

Why am I noting it? Because by his own admission, he did this "back-breaking" farm job. . . wait for it: For. Three. Whole. Weeks.

It wasn't all through high school, or even all through his college years, or college summers -- no, it wasn't even a whole summer. It wasn't even a whole month -- in one summer -- in England.

This says so many things about him: but not I suspect, the things he hopes. He plainly thinks it is newsworthy that he worked a real job, for three weeks, over a half a century ago. This actually makes me feel better -- about simply reporting what he did, to some 35,000 legacy Schering-Plough career scientists and office workers (circa 2010). Here's the WSJ bit:

. . . .Mr. Hassan says his stint as a produce picker and cannery worker in the summer of 1965 “was a character builder.” He spent three weeks in rural Cambridgeshire, England, following his initial year of college studying chemical engineering in London.

Born and raised in Pakistan, that summer, Mr. Hassan harvested farm fields and canned fruit and green beans alongside students from other European countries. His free summer housing consisted of a small hut with six bunk beds.

Mr. Hassan says he cited that difficult experience years later while advising his son and two daughters about summer employment options during their college years. . . .

Some days, this stuff just writes itself -- kinda' like. . . I don't know, the current GOP Presidential nominee (arguably within an eyelash of treason) offering to aid and abet espionage -- by a foreign power (the KGB, no less) -- in order to influence, or sway -- a US election. Astonishing -- except that we have come to expect this level of shamelessness, from Mr. Trump. He will lose by double digits in November.

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