Thursday, July 21, 2016

O/T: The GOP's "Party-Unity" Night Went Well -- WWF Theatrics Edition(?)...

Well -- these goofy Trumpers have turned the Republican National Convention into a WWF show, overnight. Hilarious. Trump walks in to cut off Mr. Cruz's speech? The TV monitors cut out from time to time, and the would-be Emperor Trump scowls in anger? [But first, let me plug and support the sublime artist from whom the image at right was derived: do go get your very own Cruz WWF 2020 poster here!]

It was hard to keep up with all the mayhem last night, as it was unfolding essentially simultaneously (i) on the floor, and (ii) on the podium, and (iii) in Mr. Trump's family box. Pegged hard right on the irony meter, but likely missed by many last night were Mr. Christie's remarks -- to TV reporters, from his seat on the convention floor, calling Mr. Cruz "shameful," and "not a man of integrity." Gee -- is this the part of Night Three, when the party finally unifies? Cool.

Ted Cruz (whose wife needed a security escort to leave the arena, after his speech) echoed the #NeverTrump movement's "vote your conscience" mantra -- and pointedly REFUSED to endorse the currently proposed ticket.

Some hard-right pundit said he thought the night was boring, but good for party unity -- and Mr. Trump. I am not sure what sort of perception-altering meds that guy is on, but do steer clear. Is/was he on Ketamine?

Me? I don't really think GOP conventioneers threatening a sitting US Senator's wife qualifies as "good for the party, and Trump". But what might I know? Overall, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks, truly.

Onward -- into the abyss, which is a Trump-Pence landslide loss -- with Mr. Cruz starting his obviously self-aggrandizing 2020 GOP Presidential nomination run. . . as of last night.

If there is still a GOP by 2020 -- in name or otherwise, that is.

The Trump team is handing this 2016 election over to Mrs. Clinton, on a silver platter. 80 per cent probability via Nate Silver; 76 per cent probability via the New York Times models. And all of that was BEFORE last night's chair throwing WWF cage match. They threatened a spouse of a US Senator, from their own party? That's beyond the pale -- truly. Not that Mr. Cruz was an innocent -- but they sure look like brownshirts to me.

I am just all grins -- on this second sweltering morning. . . all grins.

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