Tuesday, July 5, 2016

No Worries Here -- With Smallish Plan Sales (Pre-Arranged) By Chair & CEO

Once again, these are pursuant to a pre-arranged trading plan -- so, no chance of inside information, and just a slight bit of entirely sensible diversification.

He still holds over 522,000 shares (over $30.2 million, at current prices) -- down only slightly from an all time high of over 550,000 shares.

[In addition, Mirian Graddick-Weir, the lead Human Resources EVP level C-suite executive at Merck, exercised and sold about 45,000 shares under a trading plan -- but still holds over 87,000 shares, post those sales -- or about $5.1 million overall.]

Here is the bit from Mr. Frazier's SEC Form 4 filed this afternoon:
. . . .522,477.063 Securities Beneficially Owned Following Reported Transaction. . . .

That's a wrap for this particular evening. . . smile.

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