Monday, June 20, 2016

Scientific And Business Talent Does Not Discriminate: It Resides. . . Everywhere!

It is with deep satisfaction, and heart-felt pride, that I am able report this item, this evening. Encouraging diverse talent is core to Merck's missions -- and this is the way to nuture, water and grow that talent -- from seedlings to mighty oaks.

Do take a look. This is both smart policy -- and smart business, in the 21st Century. From the press release, this evening then, a bit:

. . . .The partnership is designed to introduce graduating seniors from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Merck’s Leadership Development Program. The Leadership Development Program is an entry-level program designed to create a pipeline of emerging talent who can prepare for leadership positions of increasing responsibility and visibility within key divisions of Merck’s business.

"Merck is a great company with great opportunities. They just needed a channel to communicate these excellent opportunities to the many talented students coming out of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities," said Will Moss, founder and CEO of "These are the types of opportunities that are especially important for us to communicate within the African American and HBCU community, because they are opportunities that transform into leadership positions within a global company! We should be striving for these types of opportunities that offer great pay, great experience, and great exposure."

Merck is looking for HBCU Students primarily graduating in December of 2016 and May of 2017 as the program will start in the summer of 2017, but interested candidates that may have graduated recently and are interested in learning more about the program are also encouraged to apply. . . .

And so, as ever -- Onward. . . beginning to feel myself again -- turning an important corner, finally, now. Smile.


Anonymous said...

I was just in San Francisco, where Merck sponsored a UNCF workshop on Small Business opportunities for those interested, with presentations from awardees of Merck's scholarships.

Very nice~

Condor said...

Thanks for the note -- very nice, indeed!

Few would argue that as a collected business community -- well beyond life science companies -- we have yet to fully tap all the talent that already lies latent, in diverse pools, in our nation.