Tuesday, June 14, 2016

O/T: Our President Is Right -- This Is The America I Support. The One My Grandfathers Served. Not "The Dark Ages" Mr. Trump Seeks.

We cannot ban an entire religion. It simply cannot be done. It is impossible -- and wildly dangerous. And it is exactly the wrong approach -- it helps ISIS and ISIL frame the conflict as "Americans hate all people of a certain faith." And that is simply false.

Just watch all of it. And remind yourself that a man who thinks he can judge people by their facial appearances wants to have his hands on nuclear weapons.

Will we ever hear the Republican nominee admit that perhaps -- just perhaps -- the shooter's own internal conflict (and blooming mental illnesses, it would seem), over his apparently closeted gay status, had at least something to do with his actions -- and that like so many things, the reality that now emerges is significantly more nuanced and complex, than it appeared at first blush? Of course not. But I will point it out, anyway.

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