Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scheduling Update, But No Ratification Vote Set Yet: Merck West Point/USW Local #10-86

Just as it all unfolded six years ago, it is taking a moment -- to get the scriveners' small changes into the relevant Memorandum of Understanding, on a renewed and amended collective bargaining agreement, here.

So -- while there are two union meetings set for next week, at this point neither of them will be for the purpose of ratification, and formally ending all threat of a strike. But it is highly unlikely now -- that the deal won't get done. And even more remote that the USW would call a work stoppage. Here's the latest from the Local USW:

. . . .The USW Local 10-00086 Membership Meeting will be held Monday, May 9th, at the Towamencin Fire Hall on Bustard Rd. in Kulpsville, Pa. Meeting begins promptly at 5PM. THIS IS NOT THE RATIFICATION MEETING.

The ratification meeting is pending. We are awaiting a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from the Company. When that is in hand we will distribute to membership and give them time to look over the changes. Also, we are looking to post electronically on this website. When all of the above is complete a ratification date will be announced.

The monthly Executive Board Meeting will be held on site, May 9th, at 2PM in the Maine/Montana Rooms. Continue to stay tuned to this website, our 45 Facebook pages and our USW App for further updates.

In Solidarity. . . .

Good progress, that. Onward, on a perfect Spring noon-time -- for a city walk-about. . . and so, I'll indulge. Smile. . . .


Anonymous said...

on a different topic~~~any chance you will add in any comment about Trump's political aspirations? Could be interesting fun reading...if not just for some more of your artwork.

Condor said...

Oh man. While I am confident that his nomination will mean we have our first woman POTUS... There isn't much that's funny (to me) about it any longer.

He is an embarrassment -- before the whole world. Someone who is very wise told me a year ago that this day would come. I would never have believed it (I scarcely do, now).

As I say -- it means a likely Democratic landslide, POTUS, and down ticket as well. . . .

But he is no longer funny. He is too hateful, and deceptive -- so from here on I will (as my wise friend advised, back then) take him very seriously. Very seriously.

And while HRC is not my favorite person in the world, I will work very hard to ensure she's elected.

The alternative is. . . Unthinkable.

Once we are within two weeks of election night, and HRC is 15 to 20 points ahead, and pulling away. . . Then I'll poke fun at him.

But for now, I'm as serious as cancer -- about him. [Won't make that mistake any more, Dante -- Nope.]

Namaste, Anon. Great question! Sorry to wax so mordant. . .

Anonymous said...

no apologies are needed. I'm not far different, don't know if I should grab a six-pack to watch the side-show or cry for our country.