Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Q1 2016 Merck Vaccines Sales Growth Stories -- Market Share... Matters.

This FiercePharma story has been out for a little over two days.

I generally find that outlet's reporting to be top notch. I only link to the FiercePharma vaccines item, for a complete record, as I think it suffers from a lack of. . . perspective.

Though closely-guarded as a secret by each of the companies mentioned in the item -- in my opinion, market share (the relative position of Kenilworth, compared to the others mentioned, in each vaccine space) explains the bulk of the "trend" described.

That is, one has lots of room to grow at the sales line, when one is a small player -- and far less room, when one is nearly the largest, or the largest, player. The more salient question -- to my mind -- is what's going on with margins, in each vaccine -- by player? That's my $0.02.

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