Monday, April 25, 2016

Updating The Status Of The Keytruda® Vs. Opdivo® Dueling Federal Patent Suits

It has been over a year since last we mentioned these series of federal suits over whether any of Merck's pembrolizumb manufacturing and marketing violates patents held by BMS. About ten days ago, Merck filed another suit, this time in the federal District Courts in New Jersey, to have the BMS patents declared invalid, or non-infringed, by Kenilworth's pembrolizumab. Here is that suit, as a PDF file. So, onward it rolls. . . as ever.

As to the older suits, here is the latest discovery minute entry, in the Delaware federal cases -- these are not likely to reach a trial date before early 2017, in my estimation, now:

. . . .Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Gregory M. Sleet -- Discovery Telephone Conference (#1) held on 4/18/2016.

Discussion on the issues presented in counsels' joint letter agenda.

(Court Reporter Kevin Maurer.) Associated Cases: 1:14-cv-01131-GMS, 1:15-cv-00560-GMS, 1:15-cv-00572-GMS(mdb). . . .

At the end of last year, in the UK, the BMS patents were held valid -- but the wrangling contiues there, and in much of the EU. Now you know -- and. . . Go Blackhawks: 2-2! Post scriptum: Hawks are. . . Toast. Congrats to St. Louis. . . .

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