Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Stretched-Out Time Line, In Gilead Vs. Merck's Patent Battle Royalé (East Coast Edition) Has Been Approved

Here is the minute order, as entered, in Delaware federal District Court, late in the day:

Now you know -- and as I say, this stretched Eastern time-line may be a way to make room on the calendar, overall -- for settlement talks, out west, in San Jose.

. . . .SO ORDERED D.I. (268 in 1:14-cv-00846-LPS, 279 in 1:13-cv-01987-LPS, 235 in 1:14-cv-00109-LPS)


Expert Report Deadlines to Plaintiffs' Supplemental Expert Damages Report extended to April 22, 2016;

Defendants' Rebuttal Expert Report exended to May 9, 2016;

Plaintiffs' Reply Expert Damages filed by Gilead Sciences Inc., Gilead Pharmasset LLC.

Ordered by Judge Christopher J. Burke on 4/5/2016.

Associated Cases: 1:13-cv-01987-LPS, 1:14-cv-00109-LPS, 1:14-cv-00846-LPS(dlk). . . .

Onward -- and smiling widely, tonight. . . .

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