Thursday, February 25, 2016

The People Bashing The New Head Of FDA As A "Pharma Captive"... Are Generally Ill-Informed

I will have more on this, when my schedule permits, but those bloggers and minor MSM outlets suggesting that Dr. Califf is in some way ill-disposed to protect patients and the public at large, at FDA -- are simply. . . confused, in my experienced opinion.

And so, I'll offer but one example, of my thesis -- going back several thousand posts, here -- to before 2009. More soon, but he is a balanced, wise, honest and brilliant man.

Trust that.

UPDATED -- 02.25.2016 @ 2:30 PM EST: Here is a good interview of him, from today's Washington Post. Do go read it all. And. . . let us all try  try to see with him with our better eyes. . . .

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