Thursday, February 4, 2016

Federal Propecia® MDL Update (NYED): Judge Gleeson Has Retired -- Case Likely To Be Reassigned To Judge Brian M. Cogan

I've waited about a week here, to blog this Propecia® products liability litigation update -- as I wanted to be able to pass along the likely name of the federal District Court Judge, also sitting in Brooklyn, to whom this MDL will likely be re-assigned.

Overnight, that formal suggestion was filed with the court. The recommendation to the Chief Judge is that the very able Judge Brian M. Cogan be assigned to MDL No. 2331. Here is that PDF file -- and here is a bit from the agenda, at which this possibility of reassignment was disclosed, as of last week:

. . . .1. Review PPO No. 10 Discovery and Trial Plan;

2. Update on judicial reassignment following the Honorable Judge John Gleeson’s retirement; and

3. Schedule the next status conference.

Dated: January 29, 2016. . . .

Now you know -- and onward, as Martin Shkreli tweeted (at 9:15 AM EST) that members of Congress are "imbeciles" -- at the same moment he was apparently taking the Fifth, in the Committee's hearing chamber -- and this, after promising his lawyer that he'd stop tweeting such garbage. I think a criminal Contempt of Congress charge may be brewing for him. . . perhaps more on that, late this afternoon, including the KaloBios angle on Chagas treatments -- now playing out in bankruptcy court. We've covered that before, so an update is in order. For now, though -- onward!

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