Monday, February 8, 2016

A New Mini-Spot -- For Collecting That KaloBios Bankruptcy Analysis Goodness

I earlier wrote that I think it highly unlikely that any of Mr. Shkreli’s equity interest in KaloBios will survive the bankruptcy. That is, he will almost certainly no longer hold even a small bit of the stock, as KaloBios exits bankruptcy protection some 15 to 20 months from now.

As a teaser for that site, I'll note that there is a certain class of federal securities law claims which securities purchasers may assert -- that radiate well beyond the reach of bankruptcy courts' stay jurisdiction. More to come, over there. And because some parts of that discussion may not properly fit under even the broader New Merck Reviewed meta-narrative and mission, here -- I will open a mini-site, dedicated to the KaloBios bankruptcy matters. I will continue to populate it with tidbits, in the coming week or so (travel schedule permitting). Some of the historical material from this site will appear there, but from time to time, pieces that do not appear here -- will be placed there. Smile.

Now you know. Onward -- as snowflakes drift aimlessly past my window, this morning!

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