Thursday, January 21, 2016

"O/T For Friday" Space Science: NEW Planetary Discovery? Caltech Has It All [VIDEO] -- On A Snow Day

For those of us who were saddened by Pluto's demotion, a while back -- the daughter of Dr. Mike Brown, in the video below, is encouraging him to have this massive new candidate -- close to ten times the mass of Earth, and rocky at its core -- declared Pluto Prime. . . and that, all by itself, is grin-worthy!

As much of the nation hunkers down and stays home, avoiding rain changing to snow, sleet and ice storms, we encourage you to snuggle up -- and watch the Caltech story of Planet 9 unfold, before your eyes (about 2 minutes in duration):

Do stay safe, and dry and warm (all you precious cargo, on our little third rock). . . knowing we almost certainly have another son or daughter in the system, albeit traveling through an elliptical orbit spanning hundreds of generations of our own life-times. And that offspring, like another body of unwasted grace, serves as a "shepherd moon" (of sorts, though it is no moon, at all), to other little world-itas. . . fantastic! Be excellent to one another. . . it's almost the weekend!

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