Saturday, January 16, 2016

[U] Ebola: Within 18 Hours Of W.H.O.'s "All Clear", A Single Fatality On the Borders Between Sierra Leone & Guinea: A Flare Up

While this is certainly disheartening news, it is to be expected. This is how viral biology works. Darwin was right -- even viral life. . . finds a way. . . a way to persist. And persist, Ebola has.

UPDATED: 01.17.2016 @ 11:00 EST -- According to The Guardian (U.K.), health authorities in Sierra Leone have quarantined over 100 people, and are monitoring 27 closely, with 24 of those considered "high risk" contacts. [End, updated portion.]

The stricken woman fell ill near the border between Sierra Leone and Guinea, though the "countdown to all clear" clock will restart only in Sierra Leone -- Guinea is still considered all clear, as is Liberia. Here's a bit -- but do go read it all, at the WHO Ebola Situation Center website:

. . . .The patient got sick at a town bordering Guinea, said Sidi Tunis, a spokesman at an Ebola response center in Sierra Leone.

Health officials are tracing anyone who may have had contact with the deceased.

The new case was confirmed Friday, hours after the World Health Organization gave the region an all-clear. . . .

It is how we, as a planet, respond to set-backs like this -- that will define our character, as one human race. So, let us move forward. And. . . Onward.


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Your blog is outstanding...keep up the great work!

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Condor said...

Thanks, old friend!