Friday, December 4, 2015

Please -- Please! -- Read The Front Page Of The New York Times, On Saturday: Not O/T, And Not Since 1920

For the first time in 95 years, The New York Times will run a front page editorial, in its morning paper edition, tomorrow.

Please read it with an open heart, and a clear head. A very clear head. It bespeaks a fundamental truth.

. . . .It is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the Second Amendment. No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation. . . .

Please read it. Read it all. This nation is too wise, too free and too resourcefully blessed not to do better -- to be. . . better. Safer. For all our children. All of them. There may be no more wildly neglected an epidemic in the United States. The epidemic of our completely senseless non-policies, on guns. This is a national health crisis, indeed.


Anonymous said...

But, wait~!!! They are covered under the 2nd admendment

Condor said...

Precisely, my erstwhile good friend!

Nice one, Anon. -- sad that it even needs mentioning, but. . .

I appear here mostly, now -- to note that the "We shall... over-COMB!" candidacy is now advocating that all Muslims be denied entry to the US. Ugh.

I guess the Trump-in-ator figures that Amendment First wasn't as important -- in the founders' minds, than the one they adopted. . . Second. He wasn't a very bright kid -- in Civics, it seems.

His response to a call for sensible gun regulation is. . . to REPEAL the First Amendment(?), and the Fourteenth's "equal protection" clause!?!


Namaste -- crazy times, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, is the King of Comb-overs really running for president. Or is he running a side-show gambit in order to make the remaining GOP candidates look 'normal?' IMHO