Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Propecia® MDL Status: Newly-Revised Pre-Trial Conference Schedule [Updated]

This is just a smallish update -- to the schedule laid out generally, here. A new Magistrate Judge has been assigned to the MDL -- and the first pre-trial conference has been reset, to a new date, in turn (in blue below).

Even so, no actual trials on the merits, before a jury, are expected before September 2017. We will keep a weather eye on the horizon -- for any sign of how the good doctor's production hearing turned out -- though I will note for the record that several people from her institution did visit repeatedly here, just yesterday. So that led me to this update -- Thanks!

. . . .The Pretrial Conference originally scheduled before Magistrate Judge Viktor V. Pohorelsky has been rescheduled to 12/3/2015 02:00 PM in Courtroom 322 North before Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo.

The MDL and all pending member cases have now been reassigned to Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo Associated Cases: 1:12-md-02331-JG-PK et al. . . .

Now you know. Smiling widely -- while looking back. . . with joy some three. . . and eighteen, and thirty six. . .


Anonymous said...

on a different topic:


and then there's:


One's just another 5 mins of fame running thin, the other~~jeopardy for the 400K people about to loose healthcare? Will he really turn down the extra $ that comes to the state?

Condor said...


On the first, she is nearly certain to lose. The Sixth Circuit already denied her "emergency motion" to essentially set aside the trial level jailing determination -- saying that the whole issue was moot, as of October 28, 2015 -- since she was free from jail. Since the determination of her ongoing appeal is (in my view) the subject of well settled law, not factual questions -- I see almost no chance that she prevails in court.

Now, with the new Governor in Kentucky -- a mixing of the two topics(!) -- she may get a political "accomodation" (as the candidate Bevin indicated). I strongly suspect that any attempts by Gov. Bevin to help her will run afoul of the Supreme Court's ruling -- and ultimately be. . . stricken. We shall see. She simply doesn't have any legal basis to assert the claims she's making -- and most better educated lawyers know this to be true. But not those from Liberty Law. Ugh. Waste of all our taxpayer funds -- as the courts of appeal are clogged with her nonsense 126 page briefs.

Now -- on Kentucky proper -- Matt Bevin the candidate may say he'll scrap Kynect -- but I doubt he'll completely gut the 400,000 people of their coverage.

I personally think he should take a "modified" Medicaid expansion -- akin to what Tennessee is envisioning.

But if he does eliminate insurance for nearly a half-million of Kentucky's poorest citizens, I wuppose the people of Kentucky are getting about the government they. . . deserve. I can't help that uneducated people vote for Tea Party ideas -- and candidates -- they will only have themselves to blame.

Having said all of that(!). i suspect a class action suit -- alleging that the Kynect plan vested a property right in the people of Kentucky. . . might have some legs. Maybe the (federal) courts will be able to come to the aid of Kentucky's neediest citizens -- those most at risk by Gov. Bevin's election, overnight.

As ever -- we shall see -- and do stop back!

Namaste, one and all!