Thursday, October 8, 2015

W.H.O.'s Good News -- No New Ebola Cases, Across Africa -- For A Solid 10 Days

We have been following this international human tragedy for over 18 months. . . and some more good news now appears.

For the first time since March of 2014, the entire continent of Africa has passed a week without a single new Ebola case. Of course, monitoring the remaining contacts, and vaccinating those rings of contacts, remains a pressing urgency -- in order to avoid any recurrent flare-ups. And so, just about 34 days until the entire continent might be declared Ebola free, by an official WHO monitoring measure. Here's a bit -- compiled form various new sources -- related to the latest WHO Ebola Situation report:

. . . .There were no new cases of Ebola in West Africa last week for the first time since March 2014. . . . As the number of cases drops though, closely monitoring contacts and any potential cases becomes increasingly crucial, WHO’s Ebola response director Rick Brennan explained in a previous interview. . . .

Onward -- with a bit of a spring in my step, now. . . grinning. When we put our minds to it -- there are few limits to what we might accomplish.


Anonymous said...

off topic, but of deep concern to your readership; what you not posting about the Cubs?!

Also, now that the news is old`~~what about the Republican leadership issue?

I know this is a pharma blog but~curious minds want to know.

Condor said...

Okay -- first the Cubs: I don't want to jinx these crazy fun loving rookies -- but I for one am... Smiling ear to ear. And I'll be watching tonight, as I was against the Pirates. Go Cubs go!

On the implosion of GOP House leadership... This is what endless "one issue-ism" (of all sorts) naturally produces... That said, this does look to be more broken than 1998. I am only marginally more enthused about the Democrats and Hil-Bern... So it goes...

Thanks -- and Namaste!