Saturday, October 10, 2015

Updated Opdivo® Vs. Keytruda®: BMS Should Still Lead, When Q3 2015 SEC Results Are Announced

There have been a series of approvals, and (non-US) cost-gatekeeper favorable opinions, for both BMS and Merck in the past two weeks. Sorting out the overall picture is what we pride ourselves on, here. And as we have for quite a while, now -- we call the win for BMS (even if we jinxed the Cubbies last night -- oops).

Each release of early approval and favorable opinion is very good news for each competitor -- but BMS has kept both the timing lead, and the wider indications lead, to date. It is -- in short -- ahead, in the heaviest burden cancers.

So, I expect that when Q3 2015 financial results are reported at month's end by both companies, we will see that Opdivo® is well-ahead, and extending its lead, measured by global revenues through the first nine months of 2015.

But fret not -- Merck's second place finish will not really be all that disappointing -- there is certainly at least a substantial share of the emerging $10 billion a year cancer med pie which Kenilworth will garner, into 2017 and beyond. BMS will just get more of it -- that's all.

All smiles here. . . viewing a participatory Saturday. . . .

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