Friday, October 16, 2015

Disappointing W.H.O. Confirmation: Two New Ebola Cases In Guinea

We mentioned this as a possibility early Thursday -- but now W.H.O. has confirmed it. Sad news.

There are two new Ebola cases -- one of them from a previously unknown source contact -- in Conakry, Guinea. So goes epidemiology, always. But the case in Conakry is truly troubling -- because it appears not to be from an existing circle of contacts of the known infected patients. That may well mean there will be more. From The Guardian (U.K.)

. . . .Two people have fallen ill with Ebola in Guinea, the World Health Organisation has said, dashing hopes of an imminent end to the worst recorded outbreak of the disease after a two-week spell without any new cases across west Africa.

Guinea was weeks away from joining Liberia in being declared free of the virus that has killed more than 11,000 people in a near two-year rampage. Neighbouring Sierra Leone is also halfway through the 42-day countdown to being Ebola-free.

Authorities in Guinea said on Friday one of the cases in For├ęcariah, western Guinea, appeared to be linked to a previously known chain of infection, while the other in the capital, Conakry, seemed to be new. . . .

We are going to keep the power of the Universe rising, for both the Scottish nurse, and all those now afflicted in Africa. And we will be of good cheer -- life will find a way. I promise. Onward.

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