Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Propecia® MDL Status Call Tomorrow -- Here's The Agreed Agenda

To be clear, this status hearing tomorrow in Brooklyn will not touch on the Cornell-Weill/Dr. Imperato-McGinley boxes of putatively "missing" clinical trial/study documents.

That discussion is slated for September 10. I thought this hearing would happen on the 10th as well -- but apparently it will go forward tomorrow. I'll keep an eye on the PACER filings, and offer any update -- as events warrants. Here's the agenda, in pertinent part:

. . . .The parties jointly submit the following agenda for this Court’s September 2, 2015 Status Conference.

1. Argument on the parties’ separate proposed Discovery Plan submissions.

2. Argument regarding the parties’ submissions related to Defense Fact Sheet/Merck Profile Form.

3. Merck’s administrative Motion to Dismiss (Doc. 233) 16 cases for failure to serve a PPF, filed April 29, 2015. Responses were due May 11, 2015, and no Responses have been filed.

4. Further discussion on Merck’s privilege log and the Court’s order of July 22, 2015. . . .

I'll let you all know -- right here -- if anything more interesting comes of this ongoing privilege log dispute, tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So nothing too noteworthy took place yesterday, perhaps? Mr. I

Condor said...

Actually, we don't know yet -- PACER hasn't shown a filed minute order -- or any other outcome note, in Brooklyn's federal electronic docket yet.

So we may have to wait until after Labor Day, now -- if any of the attorneys have already started their long holiday weekends.

Will report if and when we know more -- thanks for asking, Mr. I!


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Labor Day beckons. Thanks much for the updates even if we don't get much for another week or so. Mr. I

Anonymous said...

Between this and the show cause hearing with Dr. I-M next week should be interesting!

Mr. E