Friday, September 18, 2015

Propecia® MDL -- Slight Delay Until September 25, 2015 -- On Procedural Orders

Well -- we still have no hint about any outcome -- from the show cause hearing held September 10, 2015.

But this afternoon, we do see that the parties have been working to resolve their disagreements -- about the plan for amended discovery procedures, in view of the Court's order on, and observations about, the state of the privilege logs, previously submitted by Merck. So much so, that they need a short continuance to submit an agreed order. That order was due today; now it is due in a week (assuming the Court enters the continuance, as proposed).

While it seems unlikely, I suppose it is at least possible that this amended order will address whatever the issues were that radiated from the appearance of Dr. Imperato-McGinley, in court, last week. In fairness, I would expect that to be the subject of some separate order -- but we shall see. Here is the bit, from the afternoon's proposal for an order:

. . . .The parties are continuing to discuss certain terms of the amended Discovery Plan And Trial Plan Order (PPO No. 10) and requesting that the Court allow them to submit the Order on or before September 25, 2015. . . .

Thus we see that all things worth knowing take a bit in federal court. That will likely apply to the Imperato-McGinley documents (to the extent that there are any more) as well. Have a stellar weekend, one and all of good will -- big triathalon to take in, here!.

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