Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We Were Told Whitehouse Station Was "Under Contract" -- Was Google One That Passed, On The Site?

There are local stories this morning in New Jersey suggesting that the Mayor of Readington has said publicly that Google looked into occupying/buying some or all of Merck's former Global HQ, at Whitehouse Station earlier this year. Recall that in early May 2015, we were told the property was "under contract."

Even if that is so, there is still not firm indication as to whether a for profit entity will turn out to be the contracted for buyer of the facility. And that is very important to the local tax base -- think about preserving adequate levels of tax funding for local schools, snowplows, trash collection and public park spaces, here. And so, we will keep a weather eye on this one -- but I for one will be surprised if Google turns up as the ultimate buyer.

The geography doesn't really fit the needed, or available workforce profile, in my opinion. From NewJerseyHills.com's Hunterdon Review, then:

. . . .Mayor suggests Google "looked at" site. . . .


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