Thursday, June 25, 2015

SCOTUS Watch -- ObamaCare Upheld! 6 to 3!

There will only be opinions in two cases announced today. More soon.

But -- with all due modesty -- I told you so. Any person in any exchange is eligible for federal subsidies. Not just those created by the states, separately. The President's health care reform measures are. . . constitutional. Again. Hopefully the tea partiers will stop -- with these nonsense appeals. I buried my lead, here, earlier -- this is VERY GOOD NEWS for Kenilworth, as the nationwide insurance subsidies' availability will drive significant new drug sales -- for all of pharma. From just now:

. . . .Buzzer has sounded -- two boxes today. . .

First opinion: Fair Housing -- Court holds that there is a disparate impact claim under the FHA as a matter of statutory interpretation, but it the Court cautions that remedial orders in disparate impact cases that impose racial targets or quotas could be unconstitutional. . . .

Second opinion: Decision of the Fourth Circuit is affirmed in King v. Burwell. 6-3 . . . .

Majority opinion: "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. . . . In this instance, the context and structure of the Act compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading of the pertinent statutory phrase. . . ."

Quite so. Onward -- to the plane -- and California, now!

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Condor said...

And, now. . . the often pungent -- and always pugnacious, Justice Scalia -- in dissent:

". . .We should start calling this law SCOTUScare. . . ."

Penned, after admitting that his brethren have now voted twice to implement the intent of the Congress -- not penalize the poor people of America, for one or two drafters' late night imprecision, in five words, over 900 some pages.