Monday, June 1, 2015

One Troubling Sign -- Out Of Guinea -- On Ebola's Re-Emergence

As we reported three weeks ago now, unlike other nations nearby, health workers in Guinea continue to struggle with new pockets of the virus/disease -- as a few Guineans are apparently making unsafe health choices in the way they handle human remains at funerals. Tragic, truly.

Even so, the overall trend is toward abatement. There were only eight deaths since mid-month. And there were only 27 known cases, at mid month. Here is Bloomberg on it overnight:

. . . .A mob attacked health-care workers looking for someone suspected of having Ebola in the city of Kamsar as the death toll from the disease in the West African country increased.

While no one was wounded during the violence, vehicles were hit by projectiles and a police station was damaged, Sakoba Keita, head of Guinea’s National Coordination for the Fight Against Ebola, told reporters in Conakry on Saturday. The death toll from Ebola rose to 2,426 as of May 28, the organization said in a statement handed to reporters. That compares with 2,418 on May 23. . . .

And, even so, this outbreak is officially over -- in Liberia. Thus, I suppose if any of us are inclined to feel sorry for ourselves (for any reason), this morning -- we should each take a long hard look in the mirror. Our problems are tiny, by comparison, truly. They amount to nothing, in the grand scheme of humanity's struggle to move. . . forward.

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