Monday, June 8, 2015

"Fast Fred" Hassan Sells His Morris County, New Jersey Mansion

This is a. . . mostly trivial pursuit -- by yours truly -- following the latest residential moves, of the legacy Schering-Plough goof-in-chief. And, even so, this still leaves at least one Florida mansion, in his name. Perhaps two. And I am fairly certain that he still holds large estates inside Pakistan, as well, albeit through family members. [In fairness, I suppose it is possible that there are two individuals with multiple-hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth -- with the same first and last names -- in Morris County, but I'd bet against it.]

Here it is, from the local papers, over the weekend:

. . . .SOLD @ $2.6 million; 5 Pine Valley Way, Florham Park, New Jersey | LISTED @ $2.999 million | 7 bedrooms and 8 full baths, 2 half baths, 10,419 sq. ft. . . .

So. . . now you know. Onward, on a decidedly gray Monday.

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