Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fascinating Tidbit From HHS/CMS: Red States Carry More People Receiving "Obamcare" Subsidies, Than Blue Ones

This chart (below right, click to enlarge) was derived from a Bloomberg chart. But the original data set was released here yesterday, at, the website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

I might posit that states led by Republicans tend to have more poor people (because red states do a poorer job of taking care of their neediest, for example, generally), or I might posit that proportionately more people in blue states have other forms of insurance (through jobs, etc.). . . or, I might posit that it is a less informed populace that elects red governors. None of it matters, really -- but it is fascinating that the ones with governors most loudly complaining about federal government "intrusions". . . are also the ones drinking up more of the federal Kool-Aid than their peers. Those given to ham-handed theatrics might even style it "ironic". But not your humble curator -- no, I am the very model of restraint (as may be readliy seen immediately above!). Smile. Where was I? Oh. Right.

So. . . this falls generally under the access to healthcare banner -- one we regularly fly, here -- and is more an industry-wide piece, than Kenilworth-focused. Even so, here is a bit from Bloomberg (do go read it all):

. . . .Across the country, about 85 percent of people in Obamacare’s exchanges get financial help. Democrat-run states tend to have fewer subsidy beneficiaries than those run by Republicans, though. Red states Mississippi, Florida, and North Carolina saw the highest percentages of enrollees getting subsidies. The figure was lowest in blue states like Minnesota, Colorado and Hawaii. . . .

Make of the above -- what you will. And. . . here's to hoping my Blackhawks win tonight, in Tampa Bay -- Game One of the Stanley Cup finals. Go Toews, Kane, Keith and Hossa!

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