Thursday, May 7, 2015

Misguided Republican Governor Sues Over Obamacare. Again. Yawn.

Yes -- this would be easily re-labeled as comical, except that the poorest Floridians are dying, while Florida's Gov. Rick Scott... continues to file new suits against the ACA of 2010 implementation (or Obamacare, if you prefer). So today, in DC -- he was fed a graceful faceful... of humble pie. One he baked himself, per Bloomberg:

. . ."Governor Scott has failed to address the matter in a fiscally responsible way and is caught in his own ideological trap that now is causing harm to Florida," U.S. Representative Kathy Castor said in a statement. "He should stop going everywhere and looking to everyone else to fix Florida’s problems. He should stay in Tallahassee and work with the Senate to put Florida’s tax dollars to work. . . ."

It would be a good (even better!) idea to accept the Medicaid expansion, Mr. Scott. Your poorest citizens are literally dying -- because of your ideological intransigence. Disgusting. The rest of the world has moved on. You should, too -- for the good of your own people, Mr. Scott.


Anonymous said...

This is a farce - "I want you to send me Obamacare money but not call it Obamacare money".

I won't even get into Scott's Medicare/Medicaid frauds as CEO of HCA.

Condor said...

Indeed. What a tool.

Namaste. . . .