Thursday, May 7, 2015

If You Have Filed A Propecia® Sexual Side Effects Claim In New York (Federal) District Court -- Check In With Your Lawyer BEFORE May 11, 2015

This is -- to be fair -- a very smallish subset of the finasteride cases, but if you see your case number listed below, do get in touch with your lawyer.

The motions to dismiss in these cases are up on May 11, 2015 -- and absent a response from your lawyer(s), each is very likely to be granted.

. . . .Any response to the defendants' motions to dismiss ((18 in 1:14-cv-03974-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-02277-JG-VVP, 27 in 1:14-cv-02248-JG-VVP, 18 in 1:14-cv-03956-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-03622-JG-VVP, 18 in 1:14-cv-03975-JG-VVP, 37 in 1:13-cv-05172-JG-VVP, 233 in 1:12-md-02331-JG-VVP, 87 in 1:12-cv-02047-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-02272-JG-VVP, 24 in 1:14-cv-03791-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-03086-JG-VVP, 22 in 1:14-cv-03588-JG-VVP, 27 in 1:14-cv-02246-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-02232-JG-VVP, 18 in 1:14-cv-03957-JG-VVP, 26 in 1:14-cv-02677-JG-VVP) is due by May 11, 2015. . . .

In the wider sexual side-effects MDL, discovery battles still predominate (as they did on New Years' Day 2015). The central issue is whether scads of source files -- or just summaries of them -- will be turned over. And it is still being hashed out, with the Magistrate Judge primarily. We will keep you informed. Have a great night, one and all.


Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere online that lists all of the case #'s and the names associated with them?

Condor said...

Sadly, not of which I am aware.

There is no analogous website, Anon., that tracks the Propecia® MDL, in the way the linked one above does (that is, no single plaintiffs' firm of which I am aware runs one). So -- mine is just a review of the electronic federal case file, in the Eastern District of New York -- Propecia MDL, on PACER.

Do stop back.